Online Powerful Healing Session with Transformational Energy



Powerful healing energy to flow and cleanse, This transformational vortex session will allow deep healing and clearing of deep wounds.

We will be bringing in transformational fire energy to clear and cleanse with the highest light matrix vibration, to refill and replenish.

This transformational process is not for the faint hearted, if you know you have been going on a spiritual journey and need to open your awareness and vibrational frequency, while letting go of aspects of the past in order to come more fully into alignment with your divine higher self this session is for you.

With the last moon of the summer and the sun and moon in alignment on the 27th of August this is an opportune time to set new goals and revamp your focus and intentions while bringing cleansing change. The masculine and feminine are also aligned on this day, and creative endeavours, initiated are aligned to prosper.


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