Sister energy connection


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Be guided into opening yourself deeper in connection with your sisters.

From the fear and injustice that we as women have held as a collative since the burning times. When women in order to protect themselves had to go into survival mode and there was a breakdown of relationships and communities. Women, healers midwives, and those with knowledge and held as pillars in there villages and towns, were taken hurt and named as witches.

As women we need to come together to rejoice in deep resonance of heart felt connection. In order to understand our own path and that of our ancestors. Reconciling with the sisterhood, and recognising our own wounds and truth while opening our hearts to honest forthright clear communication and presence.

This session was birthed out of experience with Cali White and the Silver Spoons Collection, Examining wounds and working towards the “I am Witch” exhibition and experience at The Story, Lancaster, January 2022.

Examine what is holding you from deeper connection with other women. Open your heart and learn to deepen your relation ship in becoming more supportive and finding the truth of deeper connection.