Shamanic Rites, Munay Ki


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The first two of nine rites of initiation into the Munay-Ki, seeds planted into your light body to grown. Handed down from the Q’ero community of the Andes, to assist humanity to reach its potential and become a new kind of being, “homo luminous.”

Rite 1, The healer’s rite,

Connect to the luminous healers of the ages, to assist in transformation and healing, of yourself and your linage.

Rite 2, Bands of Power,

Five bands of power are woven into your luminous energy field, to ensure protection, they become filters for any negative energy to transmute into earth, air, fire, water, and light, to sustain the LEF.

Aspect of the Rites will be discussed and incorporate, meditation and how to feed the rites.

10% of proceeds goes to indigenous tribes.

These will be combined with meditations and discussion and sharing Circle, You may also want to go on to have other Rites after these if that resonates.