Shamanic drum journey


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Shamanic drumming works by allowing the brain to find a deep state of relaxation, allowing precious moments of introspection, revelation and occasional spiritual elements to enter into our conscious minds

The repetitive beat of the drum aims to allow you to reach this deep state of relaxation, but is also useful in connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain, This can also be great for people with depression and those that have had unsettling or traumatic experiences, no matter how severe or mild.

Deeper journeying with the drum for guidance. May help you in a particular decision or to look behind what is rising in your consciousness. It can also be a way of meeting your animal guides, and connecting to the qualities that they may have to assist you in life.

As a shamanic practitioner, one of my passions is working with the drum in different ways, due to the versatility and ability to clear still energy and allow space to be, grow release and think.