Meditation At Saltwell Park



Join Healing Here for weekly meditations and mindfulness in the beautiful Saltwell Park, during August.  Please bring a camping chair, or cushion, and water.  It may be beneficial to bring a blanket for if the weather is a little cooler or for parts of the session where there is limited movement.


Well behaved children are welcome as the first part of the session will be tailored to accommodate them with some simple meditations and mindfulness.  If you want some exercises to do prior to school starting, please come ten minutes early to the class.  Previous experience is not required for this session.


Our aim is to assist in reducing your stress levels and offer ways of coping with anxieties.  We do this through a variety of different methods and show you how you can quickly start to apply these in your daily life.


Please feel free to come and meet the healer at 10:15 am to get some top tips and ask us any questions about what we do and how we can assist you.  We will do the sessions by the Bandstand, but please book your place, so we can inform you of any changes.


We look forward to seeing you soon.


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