Antaneea Body Massage


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We welcome you to discover a new treatment that has blown me away, it’s a two hour process, it involves all the things I love doing and combines them with massage. The treatment involves a consultation, colour, safe blended oils, sound, massage, stillness, unconditional love, and healing.


The massage is specifically to help move and release traumas locked in the body, these can be shocks to the system or even events from our childhood that we sometimes don’t realise we are carrying. Different oils are applied to the body in different areas, and as you lay face down all the back of your body from toes to head is massaged, three times.


The first massage is to align the physical body and is the deepest, the body tells its story through the trauma it carries or holds, and these can be recognised and released, allowing the release of what you are carrying. Seven “Light Matrix Oils” are used during this process to assist, and sound toning, or tuning folks may also be used.


The second massage is softer, oils are used in a different combination, with love and support to the Emotional body’s stability.


The last massage is of a light touch. With 13 Oils used for spiritual alignment, in accordance with your divine sovereign self. This is done silently to allow your full connection to integrate with your spiritual self.


We then will turn to over to massage your face and sinus areas, leaving you feeling completely relaxed.


You may have indicated interest in this treatment, currently we have 10 client models places available, these are on a first come basis, we have five definite’ s already, so there are limited places. If this sounds like a treatment that you would love to have, We are offering case study sessions for half price.


What that means is for a complete treatment you need to have three sessions in total, of two hours per session.


That’s 6 hours of transformation treatment.


Each session in your own home would normally be £100, but as a case study, we would love to offer this to you for £50 per session.

Why are we charging? Not only will we be using specialist oils and sprays during the treatment, but the outlay of the course and equipment and supplies, also 60 hours of work, on case studies. You will still be receiving this treatment from a fully trained practitioner with over 34 years of healing and reading the body, and its energy and all the skills that they bring to this, at a heavily discounted price.


Payable over two payments of £75, by the time of your first and second treatment, that’s an amazing saving of £150 as a Thank you, for using our services.


Treatments should be 2-3 weeks apart, and you should be committed to having all three treatments. we don’t want you to feel good. we want you to feel great.


If your committed to wanting to change or transform, or in need of relaxation and need reenergising. Or even just know this is drawing you, please let me know, as there’s limited places. we would love to see you to give this amazing treatment.


Please book now to save your place, and book your first treatment,