Journaling with Prompts


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Journal, using different types of ways to focus and connect to your journey and what you want. Learn to use a gratitude journal and how to use a body map to feel into and guide you in what is happening, in your body.

This workshop will give you the skills to quickly tap into and assess where you are and what you and your body mind and spirit needs.

Journaling can involve occasional lists, but is so much more than a diary. It is a way of focusing on your life and journey and making clear what is happening to highlight where you are and where you want to go.

By recording our journey in such a way, we notice patterns and where we are, What we need and what may be holding us, it is easier to be objective and positive, and realise our personal goals.

We can also be providing Journal Prompts with a theme or intention of your group eg, Menopause. Aligning with the wisdom, strength of character and ferocity of spirit, that these wonderful liberating crone years bring.

You might also consider, Inner Child, Shadow Work, Relationships, ask for any others that you might like, we are happy to work with you and your intention.