Forest Bathing


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Connecting with nature, mindfully, opening awareness and interaction of senses and breath. Turn off your technology, for a digital detox. Let yourself totally immerse in the experience,


Allow yourself to slow down and the mind to quiet as you open the doors of your perception to the abundance of being submerged in nature, and the interaction of the environment and landscape on you.


This well known treatment used in Japan, from the name “shinrin” forest and “yoku” bath, means to immerse in the atmosphere of the forest with our senses.


Japan is known for its most densely populated cities, but they also have enormous beautiful woods, research from Japan has shown the correlation of positive mental health benefits from being in and connecting to the forest, for at least 1-2 hours that can last up to a month.


Ongoing research is occurring, in the meantime some doctors now prescribe excursions to the forest.


This session can be combined easily with, Earth walk or Drum Journey for a longer immersive session.


Minimum of 5 people in party