Cacao Ceremony and Drumming Healing


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Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is the plant medicine that opens our hearts. We all know the feel good factor of a nice bar of chocolate and that it makes us feel good. Its a go too for any woman needing a lift,

Now imagine that your drinking a beautiful thick, rich Cacao. The raw superfood that makes chocolate and coco. Bringing in your intentions for the months ahead and opening up your heart to your highest wishes, while letting go of any thing that you need to.

Bringing yourself into sacred space and allowing your self to become centred and aligned.

While letting your mind relax completely, opening yourself to a journey immersed with sound and healing, movement and music, Full mind body and soul, rejuvenation.

We welcome you to open your heart completely allow the wonderful healing properties and Mama Cacao to bathe you in unconditional love and the highest healing vibrations.