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April Smoothie

Detox with is delicious nutritional smoothie. Its a great way to start your day and have essential nutrients.

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Spring Clean for the Soul

Want to be your best version, it may be worth having a deeper look and spring cleaning your life, environment, and energy. Learn some ways of spring cleaning your soul and making small but deeply impacting changes.

In this article we will discuss, ways of cleansing and clearing your mind body and space, looking into different areas of your life so that you are more in alignment with what you want, and give tips to assist you, in bringing positive intention, click for the full article.

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Cacao Ceremony

We welcome you to open your heart completely allow the wonderful healing properties and Mama Cacao to bathe you in unconditional love and the highest healing vibrations.

This event will include sound therapy, cleansing with sage and allow you to integrate deep healing energy.

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Amelia Services

Client Visit Services

Let us come to your home!

Treat yourself with our different services. We can ensure your session is tailor made for you.

You no longer need to leave your house to experience deep transformational healing in the comfort of your own home.

We also arrange a pre-zoom call to assess the work space and allow you to meet us prior to us attending.

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Amelia Services

The Antaneea technique, a whole different massage.

The Antaneea technique is two hour treatment, it incorporates different oils on different parts of the body, an amazing massage with different pressures, sound therapy, tuning forks, and energy healing. Having had this treatment, I felt lighter and brighter, free as though I had let go of so much, I had not realised I carried.

A full treatment is three 2 hour sessions over 6-8 weeks. Let us come to your home, with a pre-zoom call to assess the space and answer any questions prior to us attending. Hear more about this amazing treatment here.

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Check-in to your Event


Put On Your Fine Print Glasses:

Important Details Ahead

In the event of cancelation of the event due to Government restrictions you will receive a full refund. 

Full payment required by 31/08/21, with full cancelation refund. 

Cancelations from 31/08/21 – 9/9/21, 50 % refund* 

Cancelations after 9/9/21, fee 100%. * 

*We will endeavour to fill your space.  if it is possible to fill your space prior to the retreat you will receive a full refund, so, therefore, please contact us as soon as possible if any concerns should arise. 


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