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A few words about us...


Welcome, my name is Morgan. I have found my calling in facilitating people to heal themselves, by shining a light and walking the path with you. Why, because its who I am.

I have always been aware of energy, and spiritually open from a young age. This led to me exploring many different things trying to make sense of my world. Today you might say I was an empath, a crystal, or indigo child. It made a bit more sense when I found out my Grandparent was a Healer, shortly after I started spiritual development classes and healing.

Being drawn to work with people, I worked for many years, with different groups of people with many different needs, from challenging behavior, special needs, girl scouts, physical and mentally challenged, I lived in and was assistant manager of group homes in the USA for a few years. Finding I wanted more client contact I went into nursing, fell in love with the City of Newcastle in 1998, and have been here ever since.

Throughout this time I stayed connected to my love of healing. Qualifying to be Reiki Master Teacher, doing remote and distance work, working on those that needed. I learned Reflexology, different types of massage, and teaching meditation including relaxation.

They say the best healers have had to heal themselves, and sometimes things happen that make you totally revaluate your life. I realised that I needed to help people holistically to heal, not just physically. Therefore, Healing Here was born.

My passion is providing personalised treatment to ensure that you are fully catered for in mind, body, and spirit, physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. We are here for your healing journey.

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Morgan Claire Beenham


Registered General Nurse

Mental Health First Aider

Reiki, 1, 2, 3,  MasterTeacher

Tibetian Head Massage

Indian Head massage


Seichem 1,2

Counseling level 1,

Meditation Teacher Certified