A few words about our services...

We offer tailored programs to facilitate your healing incorporating energy work, reiki, chakra balancing, moving energy blocks, aura cleanse, and energy redirection/flow.  Other therapies include massage to face, head, neck, shoulders, back using techniques such as Indian or Tibetan Head Massage, and Cranial therapy. Alongside these individual sessions, we also hold group events throughout the year.  Please see below.


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We offer various teaching and meditation group sessions covering different therapies such as:

Mindfulness, Meditation and More workshops

An  opportunity to work with your mind, body and spirit to let go of that which no longer serves you. This will assist balance and you'll become more centred.

This is a four week course which builds each week, sharing useful tools you can incorporate into your everyday life, finding ways of letting go and regaining calm.

Mind, Body and Spirit Events

Taster sessions offered locally at Mind Body and Spirit Events within the area.  Meet your therapist and have a mini treatment for a special introductory price.

Special events

Allowing you to have your own special event at a venue of your choice, tailored  especially for you. Incorporating aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit for an event with a difference!

Individual Sessions

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Tibetan Head Massage

Deep relaxation, aiding the balance of the body and relaxing the mind.

Champissage, known as Indian Head Massage

The head, neck and face are massaged to provide instant relief from tension and stress symptoms inducing a state of calm, peace and tranquillity. This also promotes high levels of alertness and concentration.

Reiki and Chakras

Reiki is used to treat the Chakras bringing balance and deep healing on multiple levels.

Total Reboot 

Redirecting  energy and encouraging the flow throughout the body, full chakra alignment, full body scan, full body reiki, aura cleanse, energy release and aura shine/seal. Grounding and relaxation, please ensure two hour window for treatment and to relay feedback.
This treatment can be done completely without touch (if required) and facilitates very deep healing.

Courses / Qualifications

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Reiki Level 1

Beginner training for level 1 Reiki with certificate and handbook. 

An in depth course covering everything from the history to the knowledge and skill to be able to practice Reiki.

Reiki Level 2

Prerequisites - Reiki 2

A follow on course to Reiki One also with certificate and handbook, providing an explanation of the three special symbols and their respective mantras.  Guidance on increasing the energy levels and also how to self heal and perform on others.

Reiki Level Master

Prerequisites - Reiki 2.

The final course to become a fully qualified Reiki Practitioner with the ability to teach.  Certificate provided.

A Reiki Master will have received the energy and knowledge to attune new practitioners.