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It’s the holidays and not only does that mean more time with our little minions, but also, the frustrations and tantrums that goes with a never ending summer or visiting family and friends. To help you keep your cool here are some tips for when things are getting hot. The difference between having an ok day out or a great one is planning head so that any potential emergencies can be avoided. If you know what affects your family or yourself, you can plan to reduce emotional reactions by early packing and planning.

Some of these you may do already without thinking, but it is worth looking at what makes you and your family react. Maybe you might have an eureka moment having a think about any that are significant to your family, or perhaps it’s one of the following:



Being too hot or too cold can bring its own problems, younger kids can’t regulate temperature, and soon become overheated. Recent tropical temperatures and holidays may be a factor.


Think changes of clothes or layers.

  • Vest tops, jumpers, zip off shorts to trousers, or morphing clothing.
  • Sun hats help both with glare and sun stroke.

Sun lotion essential and helps to avoiding heat rash and sun burn.

Plan activities for early morning and late afternoon or evening if scorching.

Think parasols, sun sails and umbrellas.

  • Set up your own water activities with mini paddling pool, water pistols and shaded areas.
  • Have time outs, encourage cool downs, and rehydrate with plenty of water and cool drinks and reapply sun cream.

Reduce travel time or use public transport, that has air conditioning, travel off peak, weekdays rather than weekends.

Do more sedentary games, making and creative pursuits, reading, sleeping lions, colouring. Be prepared to make changes according to how everyone is.

Do more things locally, go to your local park, river walks and forest walks, may be cooler and offer more shade.

  • Try a creek walk, rock pooling, or plodging at the seaside.
  • Do leaf rubbing in the forest with crayons and identify the different trees in your area.


When we are excited about everything especially if away on holiday with so much to do it’s easy to feel exhausted. Not wanting to miss out or wanting to make the most of our limited time, can leave you feeling depleted and tired.


Plan out the must see things and events, but schedule in down time to relax. Maybe have half days, or alternative days activities to recharge.

  • Plan your itinerary so you can reschedule depending on how your feeling, the weather, or other reasons.
  • Leave the first 24 hours free to climatise, find your way and orientate, slow down and go with the flow, rest.
  • Feel into what your body needs, if rest and relaxation feel like a priority, make that happen.
  • Alter plans accordingly to how all the family feel, this may feel better to do some activities separately splitting the active people and more sedentary ones. Or compromise and do different things on alternative days.

Utilise the amenities available.

  • Use a kids club, gym, any classes, events or activities that are available to assist you in what you need.
  • Spars and massages are worth considering early in the holiday, to relax quickly and get you skin in optimum shape for your tan.

Rest when the family does,

  • Have plenty of time outs, or water stops when seeing sights to keep hydrated and energised
  • Afternoon naps in the shade, or at the hottest time of the day, are a great way to cool down.
  • Have an early night, one of the best ways to reenergise is to make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep. So, give the party and alcohol a miss and get an early night.


Scientific research is backing up, what many of us have discovered, that we become angry when hungry.


Keep those hunger pangs at bay by being prepared and having a little something with you.

  • Plan meals and refill stops in with your itinerary.
  • Have a couple of healthy go to snacks with you, low calorie bars or fruit are great, nuts, seeds and dried fruit will also keep you going (if you are allergic, try making your own protein bars with what you can eat).
  • Google places to eat nearby when you feel the urge to eat.
  • Keep you eye open to interesting places when traveling and make use of them
  • Eat little and often, have a taste adventure, try new and different foods.
  • Get off the beaten track, follow where the locals go for good quality, reasonable priced restaurants, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Don’t skip meals, if you have an early start or excursions, maybe a protein shake would set you up for the day, you can sip as you go.
  • Take snacks, whether in the car, suitcase or handbag, have plenty of nibbles, they will not only keep you level headed but may save you extra expense.
  • Boiled sweets to suck, on take off and landing to can assist with ear pressure, glucose sweets may give you a boost especially if walking or hiking.
  • Be aware of blood sugar levels if any diabetes or borderline diabetes, make sure you have your prescription when traveling and you may want to monitor blood sugars more closely. If in doubt, see your GP.


When we are hot and bothered, we may need a bath or shower. Water has a way of soothing us and can be a great way of cleansing.


  • Having a cold water shower can also be refreshing and cool our hot heads. Try turning the water down for the last minute, of your shower. Various ‘Wim Hoff’ methods of cold water therapy are gathering popularity not just to clear the mind, but to help with depression and anxiety.
  • If your away, try going into the sea, or pool for a couple of minutes, start of gently, allow your body to dictate what it needs, maybe plodging or paddling is enough the first time. Don’t stay in longer even if tempted, get out and see how your body responds. Little and often is best till you acclimatise. Have warm towels to wrap up in after.
  • Bath times can be completely changed with a few items to make them more special. For kids add bubbles or toys to make a fun time. For adults add bath bombs, candles, or music for more chilled out relaxing time.
  • Add salts or Epson salts for a fuller spiritual cleanse, it also will help if frustrations, or emotions need to be calmed.

Earthing and grounding

Reconnecting to the earth, has been shown to have a positive effect on our mental health, and leaves us more centred and peaceful.


Lay on the earth, or sand as much as possible, and connect with the plant’s trees and the pull of the earth.

Forest walks, breathe deeply and turn off all devices, using all your senses, to become absorbed in the experience.

Meditate and feel connected to the earth, to support and strengthen you.

Consciously recognising the ways you and your family feel overwhelmed may make you realise how you can prevent or expand the buffer from irritation to having a response.

The more intense the experiences the more you may want to incorporate some of these techniques, maybe asking family to watch the kids while you have a bath or walk. Don’t forget to take deep breaths, look for the solution.  Have a great time, and have fun.

Let us know what effects you and your family, and any top tips you have that others may find useful.


Energy Treatments that include grounding, cleansing and alignment to leave  you centred and relaxed maybe worth considering the services below:



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