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Want to make the most out of your summer? have you considered attending a holistic festival? There are many options available, we will cover a few of these festivals, that we have attended in this article.

The Summer brings the yearning to me to be out on the land, to sleep accordingly to the time of day and night, to wake with the sun, and rest with the fire. To digital detox to ground and feel connected to the earth, singing songs and finding community.

As such it’s no surprise that already I have been to several festivals and gatherings, and they seen to pull me more and more. Connecting with amazing people and events, going to the most amazing workshops, and hearing brilliant speakers and becoming inspired.

It seems like what the summer was made for, being out in nature, feeling the sun on your body, soul heart connection, and so much more.

For the last two years I have been taking workshops (womb drumming and amazing chakra meditations with energy transmissions) with me to various festivals and gatherings. I have reconnected with the feminine through festivals and gathering.

One such was Burning Woman festival. Where I have now walked over the fire twice, an amazing feeling that makes you realise that fear is fleeting if you continue relentlessly you can overcome. I was spoilt for choice in what amazing workshops to attend and surrounded by amazing women standing in their power. This year I was blown away by Vegan queen V and her amazing vocals, so much so, I had to have her debut album, and totally recommend. I laughed with delight at Growler, an 81 year old vulva from Dublin who lets us see the funny side of life through song and comedy


A smaller grass roots gathering that is close to my heart is that of Sacred Sister Gathering. Which feels more like a family, with beautiful wild and free women, being there complete unapologetic sovereign selves. The organic nature of this gathering brings surprises and delight. Each woman can bring what they love into the event and share that. Or even just rest and be, and attend such staples as Awakened belly dance, Inner dance, or an amazing sound bath. Sit, talk, and support your sisters.

Within the last two years reconnecting with the divine feminine has been amazing and inspirational, as I have not feel completely connected to this energy after a lifetime of being in the more doing world.

 I have offered healing that facilitated big shifts and assisted in the red tent at space to emerge shamanic festival, loving holding such sacred space and privileged to see powerful healing journeys. People connecting to there awareness and ancestors and the land.

The wealth and expanse attending amazing spaces and gatherings and the facilitators have been awesome. I recently this week returned from Liam Browns Stone Cold Sober festival. I was expecting a different vibe as have become used feminine gatherings. What I found were a tribe of such beautiful souls, the divine masculine and divine feminine, completely honoured, and balanced. Young people completely walking their path with grace and integrity. Smiles that warmed your soul and hugs that nourished your heart.

I came as always to heal others, to shift and transmute energy to facilitate change and connection. But somewhere between the cold water swimming and amazing breathwork classes, the chanting and om’s, sound baths, speakers, and ceremonies. I found my self healing not in a flowing graceful process but connecting to a deep and ancient ancestral force that needed shifting.

Being completely held and supported both by the amazing Paula Maria Flanagan, breath worker, and her awesome assistant and light bringer Jules. Together their healing, holding and amazing toning with crystal bowls and such reassurance and love by Stone Cold sobers amazing co-founder Joanna Barnes. Is something that I will never forget and be eternally grateful for. My body twitched and released as I ugly cried my release. Perhaps it was the accumulation of energy, cacao, the safe space, the energy work.

I am reminded, we also need to carry on our healing journey and when we think we are sorted, something always comes along to give us a wakeup call, and you sigh saying ‘wow, didn’t see that coming’.

As the synchronicities of this journey correlate, I remember as I often heal the healers around me, to also take the time to embody my own healing journey, to take the time to process, and to seek out enriching spaces and places to allow that to happen. I’d totally recommend if you can, come.


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