Spring Clean for the Soul

Want to be your best version, it may be worth having a deeper look and spring cleaning your life, environment, and energy. Learn some ways of spring cleaning your soul and making small but deeply impacting changes. In this article we will discuss, ways of cleansing and clearing your mind body and space, looking into different areas of your life so that you are more in alignment with what you want, and give tips to assist you, in bringing positive intention, click for the full article.

Warmer weather is coming, and the change of season brings growth, expanse, and activity. It may be worth having a spring clean of not only your home but your energy, lifestyle, and habits.

The rest and introspection of winter gives way to wanting to move and do. To let in the light and fresh air, to cleanse our homes and open the doors. Before you rush out you might want to consider a deeper spring clean than usual.

Allowing the air to circulate through your home not only brings in new energy but releases that still and stagnant air, though you may want to secure your doors if both doors and windows are open, to ensure no slamming doors.


Cleansing and Clearing

Smoke cleansing is also a quick and easy way of cleansing your home, spaces, people, and energy. Due to prevalent use and popularity, certain items, are now harder for their indigenous tribes to use.

White sage has been used by Native American people as part of sacred ceremony, known as smudging by First Nation Tribes. This practise has been used in many cultures to clear and cleanse. Through increased use globally, with poor and increased harvesting, many plants are damaged, and so less regeneration of them. Paulo Santo the sacred wood used by shamanic practitioners, has also gained popularity, due to its lovely aroma, meaning that many slow growing trees have been cut down in south American countries by the unscrupulous, to feed the commercial need.

As such it is important to ensure the

 sustainability and ethnicity of products you use, and I encourage you to turn to home grown and locally produced products, In the west anti microbe plants such as Rosemary, and Thyme, have been popular through the ages for purification, although these may be take a little getting used to and you may want to use them with a brazier or charcoal disc, to ensure safety and avoid burning debris.

You may want to set intentions for what to fill the house with and what you want to invite into your space. While doing this ensure all windows and doors are open, in the room.

Other ways of cleansing you might want to include are

  • Instruments, gongs, chimes, tingsha, finger cymbals, bells
  • Drums or rattles
  • Mantras “All energy is transmuted to positivity with love”
  • Affirmations
  • Singing
  • Clapping
  • Tuning folks
  • Energy clearing
  • Music such as Gregorian chants or Solfeggio frequency
  • Breath loving energy out


Allow your self to move through the space with what ever is calling, you may feel drawn to hum or play, keep the intention of bringing love and high vibrations into your home, and that any thing not in alignment with this must release or transform.

Plants are also great air purifiers and create a great relaxing look while bringing in clear oxygen, ask at your garden centre for one that fits right for you.

Mind and body

As you clear your space allow your mind to become clear, and at ease. Breath into any areas of tension in your body allowing love to flow, as you transmute any emotions you are holding onto, allow your being and mind to also let go of what it had held onto. We often carry in our body tension that we do not realise, take some time to look at any difficult situations you have recently been through and what you need to do to complete and process and let go of these. Maybe you need to write out or journal or write a letter, to excise these feelings, you might want to destroy that letter after, acknowledging our emotions and those things that bring about an emotional response, makes it easier at times to move forward.

You may also want to plan new goals and objectives. Call in your wishes and dreams, and what you want the year ahead to hold. Write a list and birth them into your reality. By having the time to focus our attention we have clarity and purpose. Plan small manageable steps so that the overall goal is not too overwhelming and remember to celebrate the steps you make along the way towards your goal.

Body fit, you might want to look at your diet and lifestyle choices.

Do you need to?

  • Overhaul your commitment to yourself and set a 100 day small challenge
  • Eat clean and incorporate more exercise
  • Do something that you love
    • Love to dance, consider Zumba,
    • Love being outdoors, what about walking some mountains,
    • Don’t want heavy impact sports, cycling or swimming,
    • Overall great workout, consider climbing centres.

Can you do these with friends? It will be fun and great exercise or maybe meet new people doing something that you have always wanted to do. Doing something we love and enjoy means that you are more likely to continue doing it, and it gives us joy and is a great way of taking a break. Remember you time is important.

Cutting out or cutting down bad habits is a great first step. Making healthier choices, such as reducing sugar or alcohol slowly, or switching to a healthier drink such as decaf, or choosing to drink more water.

How you start your day and the buffers that keep you on tract may be worth looking at.

  • Do you stretch daily?
  • How do you stay calm, ground, relax?
  • Do you need to set aside a few extra minuets to plan your day?
  • How do you find stillness before the day’s activity?
  • Would having a moment to connect to gratitude or the gift of a new day assist you in aligning to greater positivity?
  • What would make your life easier


When thinking about your space, remember that space is a premium we pay for, surround your self with just things that you lose, those things that inspire you, have meaning or hold special memories, and remind you of your true authentic self and your goals. Those things you have accumulated that have fallen out of favour, why not donate to a friend or worthy cause, refugee centre or charity, not only will this feel good to do, but others also get to enjoy what you have previously. Take time to mend those precious items that you love that need time and attention, so that you can have full use of them again.

If you have special hand me downs that you want to keep, why not consider a scrap book or project with swatches of pieces of fabric rather than keeping the article. Taking photos is also a great way to preserve memories connected to an item while letting go and lightening your load.

Take time to deep clean your house and make it a welcoming and relaxing space that works for you, one that is functional and organised. This will assist you in being able to switch off and make the best of your space, while being a sacred and nurturing place for your soul.

Hope you have found this article useful, at Healing Here we also offer house clearing and cleansing, as well as energetic personal healing services, like chakra alignment and aura cleanse, to reset your energy with integrity for more spring in your step, you may also want to consider shamanic work such as a power retrieval to bring more energy and vitality through shamanic drumming. We offer in person and online sessions, please use the contact us button for more information.




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